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    We are 20 professional and passionate Spain experts.

    You can find us in Marbella, Cabo de Palos, La Zenia, Antwerp, Roeselare and Ghent.
    Our Account Management team is your first point of contact;
    Together with you, they map out: your housing needs, your ideal location, your budget, how you want to purchase – privately or with a company, etc.
    They also organize your house hunt in Spain: Flights, hotels, region to visit and properties.

    Finding your dream locally is the task of our team in Spain.
    All highly specialised people who live and work in the area where you want to buy. So they give you real advice based on their local knowledge of the area and know the villas and apartments for sale like no other.

    After your purchase, you will meet our aftersales team who will guide you until you hold the keys to your dream property.
    And even after that you can still contact all our team members for tips or advice.

    You never walk alone!


    They prepare your trip to Spain

    If you’re thinking about buying in Spain: come by first for a non-binding – and pleasant – chat. Or we will come to you.

    We will tell you everything you need to know before you buy in Spain and together we will find out where you feel at home and which properties suit you.
    This way you are fully prepared for your on-site visit.
    Call now +32 3 385 37 36 for an appointment with Kim, Nancy, Petra and Alicja.
    Together we shape your dreams and convert them into a plan and trip.


    They show you the way

    Not only the way to the right building, but also to the right region. You first have to feel at home in a certain city or village – there are plenty of houses, we’ll find them before you buy. And our experts are the best compass, they live and work locally and know the different regions like the back of their hands.

    Go with them and you can be sure that you are buying in the right place and have seen every property that suits your needs.
    And that in an efficient, pleasant way, enjoying that blissful country, Spain.
    Geert, John, Stijn, Alain, Thierry, Philip, Mark, Ania and Alicja are ready to show you the way.

    Start planning now and mail anna@azull.info


    The four P’s!

    The best property, in the best place, for the best price, and that will give you years of  fun  experience.

    And that in complete safety with the necessary permits, guarantees and contracts.