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    How to register a car in Spain – That’s how you do it!

    How can I register, import or import a car in Spain?

    This is one of the most frequently asked questions by people who want to buy a villa or apartment in Spain.

    Also wondering how that works and what costs are involved? We’ll break it all down for you.

    When should you register your car in Spain?

    Are you also wondering when you have to register your car with a Belgian or Dutch license plate in Spain?

    Is that how it works:

    If you spend less than 183 days a year in Spain, you can safely drive around Spain with a foreign license plate. But if you definitely move to Spain or spend more than 183 days there (and therefore you are a resident), you must register your car.

    What do you need to register your car in Spain?

    For you personally:

    1. Your ID or passport;
    2. Your original NIE (a copy of this document is not enough!);
    3. The deed of sale of your house in Spain. You don’t own it yet, but will you be staying in Spain for a long time? Then you need your rental agreement. Attention: this contract must be long-term (that is, more than 1 year).

    For your car:

    1. The European certificate of conformity (approved);
    2. The registration certificate or invoice.

    One of the last two documents is sufficient. These only serve to prove that you are the owner of the car you want to register in Spain. Missing a document? Then ask the importer of the car for a copy.

    How much does it cost to register a car in Spain?

    Broadly speaking, you should pay the following to import your car to Spain:

    Car Registration and Importation Costs

    Description Cost Range (Euros)
    Import/Registration Tax +/- 100
    Road Tax (Annual) +/- 120
    Car Revision +/- 110
    Administrative Registration in Traffic +/- 100
    Production and Registration Application +/- 120
    Lawyer Assistance for Declarations 100-150

    However, it must be taken into account that registering your car in Spain costs between 600 and 650 euros.

    This includes the assistance of a lawyer and someone who will go to the technical control for you.

    Do you speak Spanish fluently? 

    If so, then you can go to the technical control yourself. If you also collect and complete all the documents through the Internet or locally at the Treasury and the Town Hall, you can save up to 200 euros. The choice is yours!

    Register your car in Spain: the step-by-step plan

    We have developed a brief step-by-step plan for you that shows how to register your car in Spain:

    Step 1 Technical Control (ITV)

    We think it’s smart to do this first. Suppose your car is rejected, then you have saved the rest of the costs. Attention: when you ask for an appointment, mention that it is a car that you want to import to Spain, and not just any check.

    Step 2 Car registration at the Tax Agency

    Pay once only the registration tax of your car (registration tax) at the Agency in your city.

    Step 3 Payment of road tax

    Make sure you pay the circulation tax – Tax of circulation – in your municipality. The first time it is better to pay the tax on the spot at the tax office of your town or city hall. In the following years you will receive a payment invitation in your mailbox, and you will be able to work by bank transfer.

    Step 4 Registration at the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT)

    Then, you register your car with the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) or Traffic for short. For this, you pay an administrative cost of approximately 100 euros. They will provide you with a new Spanish registration certificate. You can also request your new registration here.

    When you register a car because you are moving to Spain, you may be exempt from this tax under certain conditions.

    You will find several answers on the internet about the period in which you must request this exemption. The only correct term is 6 months, counted from the moment you become a resident.

    Step 5 Request and create registration.

    This is also Traffic Task (DGT)

    Step 6 Deregister your car in your previous country of origin

    For Belgians, this means returning their old number plate to DIV. The Dutch can keep their old license plate as a souvenir. But you have to unsubscribe from the RDW. You can also request a refund from BPM if you let them know the car was completed.

    Step 7 Enjoy that immense country that is Spain.

    Now that your car is fully registered in Spain, it’s time to relax! Here you can find inspiration for tips on where to go and nice places to eat on the Costa Blanca, Costa del Sol, Costa Cálida and the islands.

    Advice: The step-by-step process or plan to register your car in Spain is the same on the Costa Blanca, Costa del Sol, Costa Cálida or Murcia or wherever you want to buy a villa, apartment, penthouse or finca in Spain.

    In fact, registering your car in Spain is not so bad. With this handy checklist you won’t forget a thing!

    1. My car or I stay more than 183 days in Spain.
    2. I have all the necessary papers in my possession.
    3. I have taken into account the necessary budget (up to 600 euros).
    4. I went to technical control.
    5. I have registered with the Tax Agency.
    6. I have paid the road tax.
    7. I have registered with the General Directorate of Traffic.
    8. I have deregistered my car in my country of origin.

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